Handling of personal information specific to the website


1.Preventing eavesdropping by third parties in the course of communication

When providing personal information to customers through this website operated by the Company,
it shall endeavor to ensure safety by encrypting personal information using SECURE Sockets Layer (SSL) or similar security technologies in preparation for unauthorized access by third parties in the course of communication.


2.About Cookies and Web beacons

This website collects customer access information using technologies called cookies
* 1 and web beacons
* 2 for the following purposes.
The main purpose of use of access information is to identify the cause of the problem and failure on the server.


The main purpose of use of access information is to identify the cause of the problem and failure on the server.

We may use access information for marketing activities,
although information that identifies individuals is not included in the access information obtained in order to efficiently provide information or services in accordance with the content of the customer's interest in identifying the problem and the cause of the failure on the server.
It is possible for you to refuse to receive cookies sent from our website by changing your own web browser settings,
but please note that services on other websites, including this website, may not be available properly.


※1 Cookies are technologies that identify your computer so that you can view it more conveniently when you visit this website again.
※2 Web beaconism is a technology that can collect access trends from the person's computer and obtain statistics on the browsing rate of a specific web page by using it in conjunction with cookies.


3.Google Analytics Usage

This website measures and analyzes sites using Google Analytics.
The purpose of use and the access information to be acquired will be the same as "*2. About cookies and web beacons",
but some customer information, such as IP addresses,
may be collected by Google, Inc. Access information obtained through the use of Google Analytics is managed in accordance with Google's privacy policy.
Please check the Google Analytics website for Google Analytics Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Google Analytics Usage


Google Policy and Principles


By using this site, the customer shall be deemed to have given permission to process data conducted by Google for the above methods and purposes.


4.Protection of personal information linked

The Company cannot be held responsible for ensuring the safety of personal information on websites managed by other companies linked from this website (hereinafter referred to as "links").
Regarding the protection of personal information linked, please check the privacy policy etc. of the link by yourself.